chasing clouds – the new normal

Hi Folks!

It may sound weird to start this blog by reminding you what ILIKE is all about, but here I go…

We, at ILIKE, believe that life is not only about work and responsibilities. Obviously, we all need to contribute to a better society… But in return for that effort, you deserve a break from time to time! And it’s our goal to take care of our guests, who decided to spend their well deserved break with us. We don’t want you to worry about anything while you join 1 of our trips. Just enjoy, and be amazed by the beauty of the Indonesian archipelago above and below the surface!

Reading feedback of our guests after their trip, we were extremely happy to see that we were reaching our goal. The sun was shining and we enjoyed!

It must have been early March, a couple of months ago, when dark clouds packed above the ocean… We had never seen this kind of clouds before. Some called them “Corona”, others named it “Covid-19”. The clouds created a storm that no one expected or had experienced before. The world suffered for months, and so did we. The clouds took our sunlight…

But look! The sun has now started chasing the clouds, and brings us back the light! Let’s help the sun and chase these damn clouds away!

Remember that we don’t want you to worry while on board? It hasn’t changed a bit! We are convinced that chasing Corona-clouds away doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy. We have been brainstorming with the ILIKE-team, and we have come up with a plan.

  • Our Indonesian liveaboard association “Jangkar” did a fantastic job and gave very clear and interesting guidelines to make sure that liveaboards in Indonesia are safe for both guests and crew. To check out these guidelines, click here.
  • At Ilike, we always take safety very serious, and that’s why we added extra measures to protect ourselves and our friends on board. We go the extra mile for you, we intend to maximise health and safety on board.
1 Keep the virus out

Before going on board, our crew will be tested to make sure that all are safe.
We require from every guest a negative test, maximum 7 days old. We will also check body temperature of all guests upon arrival in the airport. In case of any doubt, we will contact local authorities or hospital before bringing the guest on board.

2 Follow up

Every morning we will check body temperature of everyone on board. In case of any doubt, we have Covid-19 swab tests on board. They provide immediate result.

3 What if ?

Until the end of the year, we keep 1 cabin unused (not for charter bookings). If any of our guest would test positive on board, we will take good care of him/her while they spend the rest of the trip in quarantine.

4 Consider prevention

Ideally you share your cabin together with your buddy or partner. If this is not possible, we strongly promote booking a cabin for single use. The normal single supplement on board of Ilike is +65% of the normal rate per person, but we have reduced this down to +40% until further notice.

ILIKE is spacious, we have plenty of cosy areas to relax and enjoy. The above mentioned procedures will not limit our freedom or spoil your dreams on board! We consider this as our “new normal”.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned procedure, can we guarantee you 100% protection against Corona? Of course not! No one is 100% protected against Corona, even when you stay home… But we need you to understand that we do the maximum to keep you safe! Don’t stay home, you deserve a break! 😊

In the next few days, we will update you what is currently going on on board. The yearly “spa treatment” of ILIKE is in full process, and I tell you this: SHE LOVES IT!

Hope to see you soon!
And in the meantime, keep chasing these clouds away!!!

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