Nature is reclaiming its space…

Dear friends of Ilike,

Dream away with sweet memories or get excited about new adventures!

And yes! Covid-clouds are on the run! Thank you all for chasing these damn clouds… We hope and believe that there’s a bright blue sky above Indonesia, with a sun that shines as never before. It almost seems that the Indonesian sun is missing you guys. So pay attention! If you recognise the call of the Indonesian sun, you will not be able to resist!

At least, that’s what happened to me… When I heard the news that Bali is going to reopen its borders for international visitors on September 11th, I recognised the call, and immediately booked my flight ticket. On the other hand, I must admit, it wasn’t just the sun …  We have a lot of friends all over Indonesia: dive centers, dive guides, scientific researchers, eco-projects, local communities, and local fishermen. They all tell us that nature is reclaiming its space, and I want to be there to witness what exactly they mean by that!

Nature is reclaiming it’s space… If you are a romantic type of person (aren’t we all at least a little romantic?), I am sure your imagination will see fully recovered reefs, schooling fish and hunting predators. Sure, a 6 months stop of human activities will do good to nature!

But it could also mean something different. Nature reclaiming it’s space could be considered literally as a claim for space. So called “social distance” is a claim for space. The more people together in 1 place, the higher the risk will be for infection. That’s the ultimate claim for space!

Lots of space for Ilike!

We at Ilike hope and believe that humanity will not neglect the lesson that the famous Covid Clouds have learned us. Nature is no longer accepting places packed with human beings. It is clear that “more”, “cheaper” and “bigger” are no longer the only guidelines to follow. Ilike wants to learn, and believes that “low impact tourism” is the solution. Small numbers of tourists, small operations, respect for space and low impact on the environment: Ilike will follow that philosophy even stricter than ever before! Please let me remind you about 2 new and important Ilike-policies:

  • If you are travelling alone, consider our new single room policy: from now on, you can book your private cabin for a supplement of only 40% to the normal “sharing” rates.
  • Our spacious and comfortable tenders have a capacity of 8 divers. From now on, we never take more than 4 divers + their dive guide. Small diving groups, remote dive sites and spacious tenders: we mean it!

This being said, how about claiming your space on the Ilike? Those who are curious and ready to explore, consider our first 2 trips:

  • Sep 12th till 20th, from Bima (Komodo) to Maumere (East-Flores).
  • Sep 22nd till Oct 04th, from Maumere (East-Flores) via Alor and Banda Sea to Saumlaki (Forgotten Islands)

Feel like a pioneer again! And believe me, the beauty you will see will make this adventure unique and unforgettable.

But let me share some inside information with you guys… I would recommend you to wait a couple more days before booking… I heard some rumours that spectacular promotions and favourable booking conditions will be coming up in the next post… 😃

Stay tuned!

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