Being melodramatic is OK…

I received this morning a picture from Bruno, manager of Ilike. He arrived in Bali a week ago and I want to share with you his state of mind… Please have a close look to his picture below:

This probably seems a not so spectacular picture of a flower to you, but this little tree is like a mascot of Ilike. It has been there since the start of our operation, and survived storms and hard times in drydock. If this little tree could speak…

Bruno sent me this picture, and commented it as follows: “Look at our little tree! Isn’t it wonderful?! The flowers are blooming. It’s like this flower sends a message of hope… Or am I too melodramatic now?…”

No Bruno, you are NOT too melodramatic! In fact, it’s cute (I am sure you don’t want to read that 😊), and it’s ok to be melodramatic! The definition of the word “melodramatic” is as follows: “in a way that shows much stronger emotions than are necessary or usual for a situation”. It is completely normal to have strong emotions, when a beautiful flower sends a message of hope in these hard times. Maybe we should all be a little more melodramatic!

And hope there is! Let me show you another picture of Bruno:

Yes indeed… It makes you dreaming… Dreaming of holidays, dreaming of how it was a year ago… This picture is not a year ago, this is now! Sure, we can’t go back to how it was before. But if we all keep safety rules in mind, we can control the situation and still enjoy life! That should be the new normal. Let’s be a little melodramatic, can we?

Before finishing this post, I take advantage of the opportunity to show you some updates of Ilike. Note that the pictures are not for commercial use, they are just random pictures taken by Bruno when he visited the boat. At least they give you an idea!

We created a completely new dive deck: individual stations for each diver with comfortable sitting space and storage below, a nice wooden table (perfect place to relax with a cool beer and chat about the last dive of the day), new portholes, and a new emergency exit for the below deck cabins.

There is now a brand-new “Seaview Master suite”. This spacious cabin is located on the upper deck, right behind the wheelhouse. Beds can be converted in twin or double beds. Again, these are no commercial pictures, so please imagine the decoration and you see the beauty of this amazing luxury cabin! Once we have better pictures, for sure a new update will follow!!!

And that’s not all folks… More visible and invisible surprises include:
-> The new sundeck is larger and offers even more spectacular 360° views!
-> An extra smaller and more quiet generator will guarantee an even better night’s rest
-> Complete reorganisation in the engine room for maximum operational reliability of airco, our 2 strong engines, watermaker, etc etc …
-> And more!…
Come and check yourself, you’ll be amazed!

Cheers for now, and remember: it’s ok to be a little melodramatic! We’ll be in touch soon!

The complete Ilike-family.

4 thoughts on “Being melodramatic is OK…

  1. Nice… Edu, can you give updates on what Indo is saying about visiting with Covid-19 still around.. Only Bali, To Sorong, ??? Constant changing info….

    1. Hi Andi,
      Thx for your comment, we have forwarden it to Edu and he sends you his regards!
      More and more rumours about opening Indonesia again to international travellers, but no official communications so far… Keep an eye on our blogs, we’ll update as soon as we get something official!

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