Unleash the beast! (part 2)

What if… ??? Unfortunately, we can’t predict the future ☹.

But we can promise you this!
If the pandemic picks up, and travelling to Indonesia would become impossible again, you don’t lose your money! On the contrary: we have a great present. Not only will you be able to rebook to any future trip (no limitation in travel or booking period), for all new bookings we will increase your credit with an extra 10% to the already paid amounts.

And to give you that final push (and help us filling up the empty spaces after startup), we will offer a 20% discount on all trips with departure until July 01st.

Unleash the beast!

Ilike has become impatient to be released from the harbour. Indonesian government has announced that Balinese borders are open for tourism again, and we are ready to unleash the beast!

Ilike is ready to explore, and you can be part of it, again!

Read our blog with updates about Indonesia opening for tourism…


Hi There,

it makes us feel warm and grateful to read all your caring and supporting mails. It makes us realise with how many of you we became friends in the past years on board of Ilike. We want to say THANK YOU for that!

We created 4 special packages to say thank you to the friends of Ilike. It’s a special and limited offer valid until sep 15th, 2020.

Consider this: numerous gifts, upgrade your travel budget, and receive updates and promotions before they even get published. You will be our VIP, and have priority to every special offer we will make.

Continue reading, it will be worth it!!!

chasing clouds – the new normal

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Start dreaming again!

Hello fellow-divers! We hope that you are all in good health and did not have to suffer in the past few months. It has been a while, and we almost forgot how it felt… Dreaming of pristine reefs, dreaming of making friends, dreaming of sailing on an endless sea… Dreaming… But now that the Covid-19Continue reading “Start dreaming again!”